Why practice yoga?
Yoga in Ephrata

Our lives have become fast paced and full of distractions. We seem to be caught up in a world of doing more and more as we move further and further away from peace and quiet. The price of this fast paced lifestyle is high. We are stressed, tired and even in pain. Yoga is an opportunity to bring some peace, quiet and relaxation into our lives. In addition to the physical benefits of strength and flexibility, yoga can be healing and rejuvenating. Visit us at The Yoga Place and discover who you were meant to be.

What can I expect?
The Yoga Place was established in 2005 with a mission to offer yoga classes in a peaceful studio setting. It is the ideal setting for a peaceful and relaxing yoga class. From the moment you step through the front door, you will feel the tranquil, calm energy. The studio is comprised of two beautiful rooms that are quiet, warm, and softly lit. We will even provide props such as blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters, and any other aides that will help you ease into your practice. Yoga mats are also available, and can be borrowed or purchased at any time.

What kinds of classes do you offer?
Whether you are a beginner to yoga or are more advanced, you will find a class that meets your needs. We offer over 20 classes a week with the option to pay as you go, or you may purchase a  package of classes. For beginners and those who seek a more relaxing class, we offer Restorative, Gentle, Peaceful Yoga and Yin Yoga. If you are looking for a more active class, try Hatha I, Hatha II, Hatha Flow and Flexible Strength. For a more individualized approach to your yoga practice you will enjoy private yoga-therapy sessions, self-enrichment workshops, and Life Coaching.

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What’s a typical class like?
The format of a class can depend on the teacher as well as the style but in general, our classes begin with a time of centering. Some instructors share some insight or reading during this time as well as instructing you though a deep breathing exercise. During the physical (asana) stage you will perform classical yoga poses (seated, standing, balance, and reclined) with modifications and instructions being offered. Class ends with a time of relaxation. In every class you can expect to practice deep breathing, poses for stretching, strengthening and balancing the body and relaxation.

What should I wear?
Be prepared to work in bare feet. Some people choose to wear socks but it is better to be in bare feet. Wear clothing that fits “snug” on top. As you move around a baggy shirt can be annoying. Thin sweat pants or yoga pants are recommended. We keep the room around 70 degrees. Layers are always a good choice as your body temperature will go up and down depending on the practice.

What should I bring?
An open mind and the willingness to let go of tension!! You will need a yoga mat. Pilates and other types of gym mats do not work. Yoga mats prevent your feet from sliding and they are the perfect length. We have yoga mats that you may borrow or purchase. Please do not bring cell phones into the studio. Even on “vibrate” they are distracting. We have a water cooler for your convenience.